Welcome to my portfolio! Here are several tracks that highlight different styles I’ve worked with in the past, but it’s only a taste of the range I’m capable of! Hope you enjoy listening. If you have any questions, inquiries, requests, etc, you can always reach me at honinmyoaudio@gmail.com, or if you want to hear more original music, you can go to honinmyoaudio.bandcamp.com to see my solo albums!


Robot Jam – You’re a robot. Your life centers around picking up cubes at one end of a room and putting them down at the other. Can anybody blame you for busting a move every now and then? Well, here’s some music to help. Come to think of it, that sounds like my last job. And yes, I did.

Clavinet of the Apes – In the frozen wasteland of Titan live the mysterious space monkeys. Living in such a cool place, they naturally developed some pretty cool keyboards and synthesizers. On weekends thousands of them can be seen warming up by going to clubs like the Aperium and losing their mind to sweet electronic jams. Though Titan is too far from Earth to hear, scientists speculate that their music might sound a little something like this.

Space Station – Space is amazing, and I tried to capture even a little bit of the sense of wonder that it inspires in this orchestral/electronic track. Lovely melodies and general spaciness abound.

Sky Garden – Away from the pressures of daily life are the cobblestone paths and exotic plants of the sky garden. You can just hang out here and not worry about a thing. Play one of the many hand drums around and maybe write some abstract poetry. Maybe listen to this ambient track and let its laid-back flute melody and mellow percussion relax you further.

Bombers’ Crossing – One blazing hot afternoon a bunch of Bombermans decided to come together and have an awesome picnic in the meadow, surrounded by the beauty of nature. One of them had brought a bunch of electric keyboards. Another had brought a drum kit. There was even a Bomberman who brought a full set of timpani. This story is going nowhere, but they had a jam session, and it was pretty sweet.

Twisted Woods – As you travel deeper and deeper into the woods, you lose track of the time. On the verge of losing hope, you come across a river. Surely this will eventually lead to safety. You steel yourself and renew your journey.

This was written using FamiTracker using the Konami VRC6 sound chip, most famously used for the Japanese soundtrack of Castlevania III (Akumajou Densetsu). I tried to work within its limitations to create a natural and semi-orchestral sound with this piece.

Awakening – As you open your eyes, the shock of seeing the changed world wakes you with a start. Everything that once was is gone. This post-apocalyptic vocal piece, with its orchestral textures and deep synths, will send you on your way quite nicely.

Revealing The True – But wait! All is not lost. Though the world may now be a different place, you can find your way through it. Because really, you’re still just as awesome as ever. So go and make it happen, and if you’re feeling down, maybe this electronic jazz/funk jam can help you pick yourself back up again.


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